Sorry kids – Quincy lyrics

Lyrics Sorry kids – Quincy

Sorry kids lyrics
We ain’t even really get it started
Party hardly pull up in a Harley
Wish I was living when Marley did
If you don’t understand I’m sorry kids
You moving too fast you Ferrari
I’m talking bout the horse not Charlie
Slow it down babygirl need a dolly
Somebody gon’ hate me regardless when they see this
Coat from my pops that’s chinchilla
Move like Mike I been thriller
Bad boy for life I’m Ben Stiller
Past tense boy I been hit her

Replace ya man I’m the pinch hitter
At the plate gotta get on base
Stealing Oou bouto catch a case
When I slide in ya home girl I’m safe
Like Diddy just take it like that
Alot of y’all getting by faking y’all raps
Imagine me now with a face with all tats
Y’all will have a lotto say about that
Lemme shut up lemme stop playing like that

Never basic babygirl slay in all black you a wise one
And I’m tryna spend time when the night done tongue like python
So a lil bout me, I worry bout my got damn self for real
A lil more bout me s**t lemme tell you I worry bout my got damn self foreal check it
I’m all about the right now
And you all about the drama needa pipe down
Sometimes all you need is a pipe down
AKA put yo azzto bed I’m ya night gown
What if I hit the switch it might bounce
If I high dive in it then I might drown
Only room for us you ain’t gotta slide down
What I’m tryna say think I gotta write down Ha
I bet you’ll quote it yeah you bad girl and u know it
I’m the QB but here you can throw it

Flea flicker this time girl don’t blow it
Cheap liquor girl I just don’t do it
You can speak to me cause I’m fluent
I might be a little influenced or it might be cause I’m under the influence
Now ifs Back to work I’m private like schools with the plaided skirts
I had me like 2 when I had the nerve to pull up to u cause u had the curves
Alii intimidating every girl is welcome we don’t f**k with no discriminating
All about ya energy ya vibe & ya wave & ya tide
And the synergy between us ain’t gon ever tell a lie

At least I hope so imma be the one do it f**k a nose goes
I can prove anything on my dolo fly high with stars like Han Solo
Ima tell it how it be like Jigga did the pilot now we shooting season 3 my n***a
And ifs all a blessing I work all night even when I’m resting
Thaf s why you see me never stressing that’s why I keep leaving em guessing
Learn my lesson gotta button up so girl which one am I pressing?
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Sorry kids - Quincy
Sorry kids - Quincy