Sour K – Soldier Kidd lyrics

Lyrics Sour K – Soldier Kidd

Sour K lyrics
I caught him lackin’ with that heat
Ain’t none of you niggas me, and, I ain’t none of you
All my niggas throwin’ 3s, and we the s**t, talk it too
N***a what the f**k you mean?
Who the f**k you talkin’ to?
All these niggas out here green, ’til it’s time to get the blue
She give me brain like my teach’, but she never tell the truth
I don’t practice, I just preach
Niggas know I got the juice
I just crack it, poppin’ beans, droppin’ xannies in my juice
We was snappin’ in these streets, before we ever hit the booth
Come on
Ain’t no deuce-deuce, this a stick with a flute
Come on
Ain’t no SuWoo, leave him bleeding, noodle soup
I just pulled up to my school, with my backpack and my tool
Man lil shawty dropped the woo, p***y lookin’ like a pool
Go to bustin’ out that MAC, I’ll pull up on a fool
We was hustling dime-bags before they thought that s**t was cool
Momma put it on my a*s, cause I never followed rules, uh
Ain’t no rat, cat, don’t get whacked tryna be cool, uh
I say, my gang, my way
Any place, Sour-K bring the K
I don’t throw shade, hit the club, make it rain
This ain’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way
I’m from Hellray, bring that pressure where you stay
Got a TEC, don’t get blatt, by the mufuckin’ gang
I’ma X, Triple X, what you mufuckas slang?
I done turned up to your ex, cause she tryna be my bae
Now she slidin’ Cadillac, with her fuckin’ seat back
Uh-uh, this a foreign, put yo fuckin’ feet back
All these niggas out here boring, give my fuckin’ beat back
I done pulled up on that boy, where the f**k his heat at?
Hit yo street, I’m a demon, shawty tryna steal my semen
Where was you when I was creepin’?

I’m too hot, might be a fever
Niggas sweet, like Justin Bieber
Baby eat, ain’t you a eater?
It ain’t right unless I beat her
F**k yo stripes, this ain’t Addidas
How I strike, like Derek Jeter
Crackers f**k you for a nina
Soldier slidin’ like a beetle
Bring that fire, just like ..
Got a nine millimeter, bullets fly, Beanie Sigel
Come on
Talkin’ Desert Eagle, walk like god, but thinkin’ evil
Bust a shot, we get equal
Bend yo block, that’s a sequal
Cause we bend it and again, and again, and again
I had jits, told my momma I don’t really need no friends
Promise God I’ma come up, he forgive for my sins
Soldier Kidd lyrics
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Sour K - Soldier Kidd
Sour K - Soldier Kidd