Spotify shapes the songs title and length

Spotify shapes the songs title.
Accordingly to a new research song titles have change in the
Spotify era. Michael Tauberg had made a research on how
Spotify changed the music industry.
Now that Spotify is a multibillion dollar juggernaut on
track to IPO, I thought it would be interesting to see
what effects the company (and streaming in general)
has had on the broader music business” said Tauberg.

Tauberg analyzed the Billboard hot-100 chart in the USA from
the pre and post Spotify era, 2000-2008 and 2009-2017
What he found was that dominant songs get even more dominant
in terms of popularity.
Another ineresting fact is that number of unique words in
song titles rose in the post Spotify era with 19% more unique
words after 2009. The number of words in song title is lower
on awerage “Our shorter attention spans mean more song
titles with 1 or 2 words in them” said Tauberg, and also
the large titles are more common so “The middle is
what shrinks as a percentage”.
Spotify announced that at leat 2 million users are accesing
their service without paying.

Spotify shapes the songs title
Spotify shapes the songs title