Stay the same – Soriano lyrics

Lyrics Stay the same – Soriano

Stay the same lyrics
Niggas out to get me so I gotta keep somethin’ by the waistline
Only here for business, all you motherfuckers wanna do is waste time
Bad bitches in my FaceTime, kill them niggas with the bassline
You just gotta trust the process
Me and my niggas we got next
Bitches out to get me so I gotta keep tellin’ these h**s to chill
Only here for business, I ain’t talkin’ deals if it ain’t half a mil
Came up out the hood, niggas think I’m signed, I don’t care how you feel
Never understood why showin’ love to your hood could still get you killed
I used to stunt with a Cuban link

Don’t give a f**k about what you think
Had to go off with my niggas
I’m almost losin’ my liver
Had some niggas in the background
They didn’t know how to act now
Had to cut them motherfuckers off, had to tell these bitches back down
They want they hands in my pockets
They only worried ’bout profit
Ain’t know that I was the prophet
Louis Vuitton is my wallet
She said she want it, she got it
F**k my past, just forgot it
Niggas be playin’ the game, that’s why they stayin’ the same

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