Stay Woke freestyle – 2Chainz lyrics

Lyrics Stay Woke – 2Chainz

Stay woke lyrics
Boy you should know that
I got you on my mind
Your secret admirer
I’ve been watching you

I got a bag, I’m working
Her bag, is Birkin
My past, ain’t perfect
I brag, on purpose
The cash, gon’ surface (Yeah)
The tag, is paper
It’s hard construction, 2 holes, staple
Good brain she got that knowledge
I’m gonna acknowledge
Skills already polished
Dope, narcotics
Yellow wrist snotty, garage got a lobby
8 ballin MJ, break a b***h college
Hope you don’t think I lost it
My kids think I’m awesome
I’m a seed that just blossomed
Take they head then I toss ’em down the river
The stream, this s**t gone stream
I’m lit, I mean since age fifteen
It’s my birthday, are we fuckin’
Some head, give me somethin’
Ballin’ like Kentucky (Swish)
Woke up then you lucky
You can tell I ain’t stressed
Chains on the dresser
Had to get that off my chest
Achoo, you know I’m blessed (Achoo)
I play my part, I ate, I starved

If knowledge is key, I got an automatic start
It’s the South America Don, leave ’em leanin’ in the stall
With a needle in they arm, yeah, these bars are fentanyl, yeah
Streets is Vietnam, yeah, please don’t be alarmed, yeah
When I was in a wheel chair I treat it like a lawn chair
Optimistic man, you must have missed it, you know the statistics
Die or go to prison, inside the Wraith like the Solar System (Tell em)
I beat the odds, n***a
I’m the one made the .357 spark, n***a
Bought the Cullinan and the Urus just the fart, n***a
Drop the seat, hit the button and massage, n***a, yeah
Look in the mirror say I did it myself
But God right here, he know I needed some help
I seen ’em follow trends ’till they end up broke
Read a book, change their diet, talkin’ bout stay woke
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Stay Woke - 2Chainz
Stay Woke - 2Chainz