Stuck in my glory – Tadoe lyrics

Lyrics Stuck in my glory – Tadoe

I’m in the booth, b***h, I’m on ten (let’s get it),
You want a show, that’s gon’ cost you ten,
I’m in the trap, what you wanna spend?
Don’t hit me up unless it’s over ten,
We don’t tote Glocks, this a FN,
A FN just to be exact (bang bang),
A n***a slide, niggas gettin’ whacked (bang bang),
We in the spot and folks sellin’ crack,
In the stu’ smoking Dos-Si-Do,
It’s a Glo show, I do the most,
Full forty-eight out the bowl,
And my cat sound like animal, vrr
We be sliding if you prowling n***a
And I’m with the guys, Nick Cannon, we wildin’ n***a (bang bang)
Dress my own self, no stylist n***a (huh?)
And I’m smoking dope that came from an island n***a,
My money, b***h that’s another story (bee),
All these racks, I’m stuck in my Glory.

Cop a foreign, stuck it on some Forgis (skrrt skrrt),
I get guap, your ho said you boring (bee),
In the trap I’m your teacher n***a (skrrt skrrt)
And I’m sippin’ all this lean by the liter n***a (no deuces)
I’m off the flats, I’m a geeker n***a (on Boosie)
Let a n***a tweak with me, I up the heater n***a (I shoot him),
We leave you cold like a freezer n***a (bang bang),
I’m in the trap with a beater n***a (gang gang),
My wrist twirl, do a whole twist (bling, bling),
Niggas h**s, niggas whole b***h (huh?)
You ain’t hustlin’, you ain’t sold s**t (nah),
On my wrist, that’s a whole brick (bah),
You took the stand, you a whole snitch (why?),
Niggas faggot, they just hold d*cksss.
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Stuck in my glory - Tadoe
Stuck in my glory - Tadoe