Suddenly – Anilyst lyrics

Lyrics Suddenly – Anilyst

Suddenly lyrics
Yes I motivate, but this pain can’t be smoked away
I say stuff i ain’t supposed to say, I stay stuck with a poker face
Caught up in this game but its no charades, emotions raise
feeling like I overcame the hopeless days, I’m like an ocean wave that flows for days
I do not associate with frozen lakes
I’ve faced a whole lot of road blocks, but I don’t stop I’m more like a robot
I’ve been winning an killing it, finger on the holster
any minute I’ll get it, the kid is getting closer
so hot but I told yall h**s don’t talk if you don’t want smoke
cause I’ve got more than a stove top, with snow dropping on top of it though, cause I’m not gonna fold

Suddenly, the clouds have opened up, and I’m being seen in all of my glory (X2)

Never slacking, the passion could be felt
In fact every fraction of me’s real
Fast on a f*****g track, fasten your seat belts
gassing your fuckin a*s, now i need a refill
I could sleep you like a zzzquil, then defeat you while I wreak hell and delete you like an email
that’s a preview of the details, I’m a G with a GQ looking female
mad cause they cannot see the flow
if i was an animal it better be a goat
Seff is like a centipede that steadily will grow
cause every single bit of every centimeter shows
or should i be a ghost, cause i got the energy that shouldn’t be approached
to my team I’m the coach
More then a leader I’m dreaming the most when I’m woke

Suddenly, the clouds have opened up, and I’m being seen in all of my glory (X2)

F**k is you blabbing at? this is just me in my natural habitat
Planning on blasting your back in half just to relax and then laugh at that, you cannot manage to bandage that
catching you lacking then stabbing your adam’s ap
I’ll stick a dagger like right where your bladders at
Abracadabra cause I’m finna vanish your cash and your cadillac thats a fact how bout that?
Thats a proposition, you better stop and listen
you can’t knock my vision, i got pac ambition
they want me locked in prison, because of optimism
I gotta kill it cause the minutes in my watch are ticking
I love the feeling when I’m killing off the competition
Cause I been sitting on top of them shitting like a flock of pigeons
they wanna stop my mission because I’m ripping every composition

Suddenly, the clouds have opened up, and I’m being seen in all of my glory (X2)

Just believe, and work for it, and watch what’ll happen. Stop the wishing, stop the bitching, start the mission.
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Suddenly - Anilyst
Suddenly - Anilyst