Suicidal – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Suicidal – Merkules

Suicidal lyrics
We supposed to do a song and then you asked me for some money
So I sent you 2 grand, you started acting kinda funny
Like send 2 more for this video that would shoot
Dawg the song isn’t finished yet just get inside the ..
This is what will do..
When it gets a bunch of views you make more money anyways
Simple as the truth
And he said he really need it for studio time
I’m like dawg you’re Sean Kingston, aren’t you doin’ just fine?
Then he started sharing secrets like
Between and I, corona virus got me broke, this is what I do to ge by..
He hit me on facetime like bro just do this favor
You’re not paying for a feature you just know I need the paper
So just do this as my friend, I record it for you later
When our song will be a hit dawg I know it’s gonna be major

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Suicidal - Merkules
Suicidal - Merkules