SWMB – Txgxu lyrics

Lyrics SWMB – Txgxu

Swmb lyrics
She wants be back
Cause she be lurking
Ain’t taking that
Cause she be lurking

Baby girl don’t want u
Baby girl don’t need u
U went for a different man
U want me as no.2
Don’t play like that
U treat me like 1 fat rat
Cover me like ma hat
When I’m tired and sweating
I don’t want you back
I don’t u by my side
U always tryna make me sigh
I wish every day I see you
I can just say goodbye
Girl I don’t care about u
I don’t even wanna lie
I don’t even care if u cry
I don’t even care if u die
What u want in my life
I wish God had just stabbed u with a knife
This is the life that u chose
U were just a drug that I have overdosed
Don’t u come up close
U the stinky b***h that’s all up in my nose
I don’t want u any more
I regret risking it all
I wish u were just a toy that I lost
U think that u still fresh I hope that u rot
A*s swollen thank God I hit the right spot
Don’t want u cuff u ain’t no cop
Wanna kiss me b***h just stop
Just know that u’s a thot
(yeah yeah u a thot)

She wants be back
Cause she be lurking X2
Ain’t taking that X3
Cause she be lurkinggg

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