Talk – Dylan Reese feat. 24hrs lyrics

Lyrics Talk – Dylan Reese

Talk lyrics
The last time I saw you
You were way more involved
Lets get a round of applause for letting go
If someone who wronged you and brought drama upon you
He did nothin’ but sleep on you, now ya know

They should never catch no z’s when ya look like that
Let the boy rest in peace, pass up on that

Baby this should be a crime that’s all mine
I’ve been tryna understand girl you too fine
For these likes to hit 250 on the gram

You should be way more poppin
You should have less problems
You should have more options
If you want em girl you got em
But I like to keep it on you
I’m talkin’ bout attention, show you my affection
But they all been sleepin on you
Promise if they snooze on ya
Do nothin but lose on ya, swear I don’t
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Talk - Dylan Reese
Talk - Dylan Reese