Tell me – Boogie lyrics

Lyrics Tell me – Boogie

Tell me lyrics
Don’t teeell me when I lose, teeell me when I win
Don’t teeell me where I’m at, n***a, teeell me where you been
Teeell me you never teeell me selfish s**t again
Teeell me to stay and teeell me not to overspend
Teeell me, teeell me, teeell me
Teeell me work on all my habits
Teeell me to relax or teeell me when I’m being passive
Don’t let me get no pass, make me own for my actions

Don’t tell me ’bout my love if you ain’t teeell me how to match it
Teeell me, teeell me, teeell that she f**k with me
Teeell me she won’t cheat on me
Teeell me that she got me, s**t, I swear she teeell me anything
Teeell me that you over us
Teeell me that she ain’t into me
No, you ain’t gotta teeell me, I can teeell just by your energy
Teeell me how to get the s**t that I ain’t never understood
Teeell me how to fix the hood when I ain’t never in the hood
Teeell me when I’m doing wrong or teeell me when I’m doing good
You ain’t gotta teeell it all, n***a, teeell me what you could
Wish I could teeell you how to live your life different

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Tell me - Boogie
Tell me - Boogie