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Your face lied and i believed it
you let me roll with what you think i know
doesn’t change the fact that you feel what you’re feeling
don’t know if you’ll say it though
yes i cut my existential dreads off
it’s funny that you ask why
didn’t think you cared when you took off
i guess i haven’t let you go yet
all that time spent dying to forget, now i’m trying to remember
as if there’s something that the lies couldn’t get to, lying at the center
been calling since the time of regret
been sending messages, leaving voicemails, damn near knocking the door down
trying to come to

I guess you haven’t let me go yet
you pulled me to the corners of your eyes and i found your tears hiding
i chased you to the ends of your fingertips, trying to do the right thing
i twisted away using time as my excuse
i left the weight of untying on you
i’m sorry if i made you feel like you couldn’t say the truth
tell me how you feel now

I’m sorry that you picked up the phone
i’m sorry that i picked up the pain
and painted my way back into your picture
trying to come to
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terms - emawk
terms - emawk