The dream – Phora lyrics

Lyrics The dream – Phora

The dream lyrics
Yeah lately I feel like the devil’s watching he taunts me
I been having these thoughts in my head they haunt me
I been trying to keep my focus but I keep having this dream
That I lost my life when I got shot in 2015

And I walk around my city and no one sees me
I used to think If I died it would be so easy
Well here I am feel like everyone left me
Now I’m back at home and everything feels so empty

Upstairs I see the girl I love crying alone
I see the cuts on her wrists she’s scared of dying alone
I said her name softly I swear that she looked right at me
That’s when I tried to walk up to her but she walked past me. Damn

At my funeral they dressed in all black
Everybody mourning my death while I stand in the back
And I look at they faces in they eyes the pain is so clear
But the people that I called my friends they ain’t even here

Crazy how quickly they forget
Instead of mourning my death
They fighting over who gets the house and who gets the checks

I gave my heart to these people throughout these songs and it’s sad to know that none of it matters now that I’m gone damn…

All my albums are on the charts and all the radios wanna play me
I guess it took me to die for them to appreciate me
I see them posting and saying how much they miss me
but back when I was alive and depressed they ain’t ever hit me

Before I died they all used to hate me but now its funny
they post pictures they all tryin’ to claim me but never loved me
Spit on my name when I was alive I’ll never forget
It’s sad that they wait till you die to show they respect but

Finally all the people who I looked up to
say how they respect me saying they woulda loved to
Meet me in the past but it’s too late for that now
the way these people used to treat me they can’t take it back now

People tell stories about how we were close and how they would ride for me
I know I’m gone but that energy they can’t hide from me
Award shows and these red carpets the same they make these tributes to my name but back then they never invited me

Look I’m at the Grammy’s I wish I could tell my mom I made it
It only took a hole in my head to be nominated
I look for love from these people but all along what they said was true they don’t love you until you gone f*ck

But the truth is this life never goes the way you plan it
I guess the point of this song is don’t take your life for granted
And appreciate people while they still here
And before you judge someone take a look in the mirror

Because at any moment anything can happen
Nothing is ever promised but you can just imagine how It would be
So I give the type of love I want for me
Cuz one day it’ll be my last and it won’t just be a dream I mean

What’s taken for granted
Will eventually be taken away…

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone you appreciate themmm

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