The man – DaBaby lyrics

Lyrics The man – DaBaby

The man lyrics
I’ma finesse the ball like Clyde Drexler
Hit me with the cap got sticks all on the dresser
Stick do pilates n***a we ain’t stretchin’
We’ll go the extra put you on a stretcher
I want the Gucci my b***h want Margielas
Bust down my Rollie like a cigarillo
They do white gold but now I want the yellow
I’m a rockstar I’m totin’ heavy metal
Cam got hits

[Chorus: Geezy]
Sang in the money whoa
Say I look a lil’ funny yo
I put the coupe on the shunts
VVS all my diamonds
All of this ice it got me cool
Walk in I spent a rack or two
Finesse it don’t make me capper you
Never lack bitches I keepin’ twooo

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