Toast up – Lil Baby lyrics

Lyrics Toast up – Lil Baby

Toast up lyrics
I ain t sold no bags in a minute
I cant speak for none of the rolls
What they do that ain t my business
They see Hellcat when I m ridin out no wimmy
Image all-authentic I ain t had to put no image
Multi-millionaire I m still rocking Dickies
Just got off the phone with P
He told me I ain t got No Limit
I m a superstar I still be in the trenches
I can t rock with none of you busters man
I swear to God I m different aye
Thousand pair of white Air Force 1 s I signed with Finish Line
Im just waitin on your favorite cappin rapper to finish lyin
They already know what s up don t play with him give me mine
Tried to tell em that I was the one I gave em plenty signs
Forgiato rider I got them on every whip
Now I m handlin Bentleys with Doritos I need my chip
I know if you stay down you ll go far go hard no trip
Look at me I m shining like a light from my neck to my wrist woah
I just brought a war back to the hood so we can toast up
I can t even say how much I m getting for a show
I be tryin to dodge the blogs I m tryin to keep it on the low
In the studio I m going hard I swear I m bout to blow

[Verse 2: Ali Tomineek]
Yeah alright a moment
Look at what I done started (Nah nah)
I gotta finish this I m tired of talkin (Shh)
Yeah I manifested this my mind the sharpest aye
I ain t talkin no magic no no flying carpet
Check it this ain t no Aladdin (Nah)
Hopped on a plane to Atlanta
Knew I was finna take over the planet (Yeah)
I m talking as soon as I landed (Woo)
What you know about red-eye flights? (What?)
What you know about sleepless nights? (What?)
Only way to see that life man you gotta speak that life
And I put that on my dogs (Yeah)
And I put that on my squad
And I put that on my moms
I m taking my city right up to the stars
Taking my city right up to the top
I done linked up with Rashad (Yeah)
Heard a beat like “Oh my God”
Yeah Doritos need that spark
No this ain t what it seem like (Nah)
This ain t overnight I been doing this since I was knee-high
Don t need no I.D.
I m thinkin I m b-i-g time
Walk in the V.I.P. line with Lil B-a-b-y
Yeah that s a strong flex mmm yeah
It s for certain I put that work in
No it ain t really that complex mmm
Now I”m taking calls with Complex mmm
Let s make a toasttt

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