Toblerone – M Huncho lyrics

Lyrics Toblerone – M Huncho

Toblerone lyrics
An I’m seeing through the shadows
Pirate Captain Sparrow Never hit a rago
If I do then I’m a vando
All the money in the world You still end up all alone
All the P***y in the world I might jack of all alone
Got a call we took the packet straight to the end zone
Fly vacuums yeh yeh Hulio Jones
Fly alone Fly straight on my Jack Jones
Leaning Tower money eating pizza see me up in Rome
This that light brown with bits This that Toblerone
Say it loud You know Huncho don’t do monotones
I’m preaching Told my brothers hit my monologue
Yeh I used to be in broke jeans Jack and Jones
Hella weed up on my dresser Dresser
Now we grown yeh Bitches they don’t wanna f**k
Yeh now we bone yeh
Better days never used to fornacate yeh
Better days I didn’t get hurt by the hate yeh
Real trays Loud hays
Always hit him in a alley by the gate
Enemy is the state Frenemies they turn snake
Need Gelato in a crate yeh In a crate
Spend some money for the sake of spending money
You can’t relate no way
This a man sport You ain’t got your game
Yeh you can not partake
So superior like the lake
I got water from the lake
I’m immune to all the hate
I’m immune till all the grave
I ain’t immune to getting laid
They sipping haterade
Wishin that the police catch me lurking when they do a raid
And I’m wishing for some less stress
Regardless still I’m self made
I only smoke Miami bro
Yeh I’m Dwayne Wayd

And I’m hitting them yeh Avoiding traffic I’m on ways yeh
Coz I’m just tryna find a way yeh x3
Same place I’m tryna level up
Small waist and her belly tucked
Out here keep your pessy tucked
Got it on your side so your out of luck
I keep my money crisp
This that monster munch
This that stu’ at 12 am so we can power up
And now our Biz phoned thru so we got power buds
Man I come with the pace Speedy Gonzales
I’m scoring the goals in the back Long range like alvez
I’m coming forrr


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