Too late – Baby Boy lyrics

Lyrics Too late – Baby Boy

Too late lyrics
I been up in the night man tryna get right
This is a hell of a life when your black and in the light
Think twice with every move almost lost my life
Thinking for my fam that’s a hell of a price

See I move so mice night owl I come alive
Only write in the night where thoughts hit on life
Don’t speak outta spite I don’t wanna fight
I mean we gotta do better you only get one life

Promise on everything when I leave ill be aight
Just know I’m smiling down at ya and my wings look nice
One in a million I’m jamming alyaah
I remember as a youngin playing ball was the gig

Who would’ve thought at 25 I’d be rapping and s**t
Been to NY twice things my parents ain’t did
Mom’s still working hard but pops healthy again
I just gotta realize them 2 are my best friends

Tryna get it picture perfect you deserve and you worth it
I would give it all to ya if life called for it
See I would lie for ya I would die for ya most important
I would ride for ya lay em down for

I see you working mama I promise not much longer
When life get so much harder I just zone out and Carter
I’ma star you never thought of
Honestly a problem if you doubt him I’m what a legend is at stardom

All I’m missing is a daughter picture swanging a ride
Not a care in the world living the good life
Reminiscing penny-pinching when I was back in the hood
Its a hard knock life but it was still all good

Let me tell ya how I came up I never changed up
I learned from the ogs n***a so that’s why my game up
I’m tryna level up with feed the ones I love
Touch a million then double up f**k em they never showed love

Talking about don’t forget me when you big
I mean you got to feel the pressure when you’re doing this
And still they don’t show love I feel I’m through with this
Or maybe need to relocate where people love the truest spit

And show love to the realest niggas
I mean I’m tired of these lil niggas everybody is a lil n***a
It’s getting old I figure Empier been my heart I put my whole soul in it I’m going to stunt either way

If y’all ain’t rocking with me the top be different
If you from where the shots be hitting
Everyday a body drops that’s five more killings
But y’all ain’t hearing me I swear y’all don’t pay attention

Y’all ain’t feeling me I can’t even get a mention
Trying to survive right now I’m feeling desperate
If I can’t call in emergency I don’t need your lectures
Wonder when I die how many going to be calling me a Legend

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