Too much – B.LOU feat. D.Brew lyrics

Lyrics Too much – B.LOU

Too much lyrics
I got the drip too much yea
I got the move do that yea
Jump out the whip they like who that yea
Who that lil n***a just jumped out the vault
Just got yoi b***h and I can’t get her off
I got the drop, I got the sauce
Designer my fit remember shopping at ross
We got the bag now we taking off (x2)

I can not stop brand new pettic
Run up a check I gotta go get it
Count up them digits and spend it
Free all my dawgs ian really see in a minute
Just left Houston shout out to my jeweler
Don’t want no new friends u cannot get in

No you can’t hang, you ain’t gang
I just want the money, f**k the fame
I don’t need friend I got too many
I see a check then I go get it,
My pockets thick and yo s**t empty
Bro got the strap he finna light 50
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Too much - B.LOU
Too much - B.LOU