Unfair – DaBoii lyrics

Lyrics Unfair – DaBoii

Unfair lyrics
Yo’ b***h, she keeps findin’ her way into my messages
She lie, to you, and you believe her, you protect the b***h
If I, wouldn’t die for the gang, wouldn’t be reppin’ this
My lil’, brother he a demon, he be checkin’ s**t
We, don’t gotta be in the hood, we gettin’ checks and s**t
I, talk a lot of s**t, I need a breath mint
I’m off, the red doin’ the dash, I almost wrecked the whip
SOB b***h is not the ones to do the messin’ wit’
You the type a n***a pour your heart out to a messy b***h
My high wore off, I’m rollin’ up, I feel depressed again
The f**k, up out a n***a face wit’ all that extra s**t
I gained some extra beef so what I do? I bought some extra clips
I got some demons in my gang, just like the exorcist
I’m a child of God but with this Glock, think I’m the devil’s kid
Go, against, the grain, I wouldn’t recommend versuri-lyrics.info
Time, and place, we showin’ up soon as you schedule it
Now I don’t like the b***h, I just hit her for the hell of it
Baby girl be blessed wit’ the neck, dinner was heaven sent
Niggas sign a deal and they go broke to get the bezel lit

Them pigs damn near thought that I was deaf, I ain’t tell ’em s**t
Woke up in my feelings, popped a perc, now I feel excellent
She like, “What’s that pokin’ off yo’ hip?” that’s where the weapon is
He ain’t catch that body that he claimin’, he just said he did
The devil, keep bangin’ at the door, I still ain’t let ’em in
N***a wish a n***a would, I’ll pull that drake out the cabinet
Niggas be dreamin’ every night, still ain’t make nothin’ happen
My brother’s died, I been betrayed, but that’s what made me a savage
And everything I say be real so please don’t take me for actin’
I heard drugs numb the pain, that’s what made me a addict
I ain’t fuckin’ wit’ you whores ’cause lil’ baby the baddest
Talkin’ crazy on the Gram then my name better be atted
Heard through the grave how my bro snaked me, niggas better be cappin’
B***h I’m known to keep that stick, you just stickin’ to rappin’
Youngest bosses in the city, bro was whippin’ the Aston
I be all in yo’ b***h head, her mind I’m overlappin’
Heard you fumbled wit’ the work, no you can’t hold the package
Uh, you put a ring on that b***h when she for everybody
I know niggas plottin’ on me, I don’t care about it
If you got funk, then why you shootin’ in the air about it
My way or the highway, ain’ t nothin’ fair about it
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Unfair - DaBoii
Unfair - DaBoii