Unfazed – Lil Uzi Vert ft. The Weeknd lyrics

Lyrics Lil Uzi Vert – Unfazed

I’m unfazed. (x16)

Turn that girl into a bad b*tch
Turn that girl into a savage
And you might think she’s outstanding
Make that girl go through practice
Take three Xannies like a hat trick
Take another pill for that magic
These models ’bout to get ratchet
These models ’bout to get ratchet
Give a f**k about what a source say
Don’t attach me to your name
A-all they wanted was more fame
All they wanted was more fame
And you were always a distraction
It was never gonna last, and
They will always be the past, and
They just tryna get reactions from me.

I’m unfazed. (x16)

I make it rain, you can have it (woah)
I make it disappear like magic (woah)
I, I met that girl right at Magic
Left with her and a big bag, and
She slippery, losin’ traction
You keep listenin’ to your mad friends
Your last old enough he might die, friend
So that guy, to me, he a has-been
I took his girl, yeah that’s Bogart
I f**k that girl like a pornstar (woah)
Yeah, it’s Starboy and a born star
Pull up every which way in foreign cars (woah)
Skrrrt, vroom versuri-lyrics.info
Man, these broads so fake (so fake)
Mistakes, time to part ways
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you can keep it (you can keep it)
You say you’re real, what’s the meanin’? (What’s the meanin’?)
Countin’ Washingtons, this Gilbert Arenas (that’s Arenas)
Hit it twice to let her know I really mean it (I really mean it)

I’m unfazed. (x16)
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unfazed - lil uzi vert
unfazed - lil uzi vert