Urban jazz – IAMDDB lyrics

Lyrics Urban jazz – IAMDDB

Urban jazz lyrics
So really, so really, so really
So really, right now I’ve got a summer never workin’

[Verse 1]
‘Cause this is my comfort zone (So really, so really)
Light the spliff (So really)
Inhale, it’s healing me (It’s healing me)
Take a hit (Take a hit, let it chill)
I arrive as me (Hello, I’m D)
Come with me (Come with me)
Come with me (Come with me, ooh)
Come with me (Ooh)
Come, co-come with me (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
The spliff is good, is healing me
What would you do for love?

[Verse 2]
Paradise is what I am
But I gotta have a spliff before
Right by my side
Take a hike
Call some far place away from me, yeah
Away from fuckery
Call when I need, yes
Do you ever, do you ever feel
Like nothing, nothing else is f*****g real?
How the f**k you light sage
And you are so s**t?

Ooh, let it chill
Ooh, let it chill, that’s cool
This is the intro to urban jazz
Sorry, baby, everytime I smell loud (My bad)

[Verse 3]
Killing me softly
Eu falo português também (Let it chill)
Pela primeira vez
For the first time I’m breathing, yes (Let it chill, let it)
Tanto amor na minha vida, ooh

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