Uzi – Chief Keef featuring Ksupreme lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef – Uzi

I walk in the trap with the Uzi. (x8)

All of my b*tches be boujee, hop in the BM and zoom like a
Balling on ni**s, my life is a movie
Been on that since I was a juvie
Selling that dope
My eyes is so low that I look like I’m Bruce Lee
I like to stunt on them ni**as
I like to ball with my ni**as
I like to splurge on clothes
I like my neck to be froze
I like to rock out them shows, aye
I like to have money cause f**k being broke.

I walk in the trap with the Uzi. (x8)

Roll a whole zip to the brain
And I got weed in my chain
And if I were Jordan
I would smoke weed in the game
Smoking on dope, I feel woozy
I can’t see these lames
This is a Gucci, no Coogie
I need double G chain
Me and her making a movie
Love when she give me that brain
She say that she digging my Louie
And I say it’s time for a change
I know that you digging my chain
Sip a whole pint to the brain
I’m in the car with the stars
They all in my ceiling, god dang.

I walk in the trap with the Uziii. (x8)
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