Valentino – Lil Uzi Vert lyrics

Lyrics Valentino – Lil Uzi Vert

Valentino lyrics
[Verse 1: Gunna]
She thicker than Hannah Montana
I f**k on that b***h with a Gucci bandana
2018 the Porsche Panamara
I got some racks on me, b***h ain’t no scammer (Racks)
Then I stick my d**k in that girl like an animal (Damn)
I drop a deuce and a four in the Fanta
Mister Yung Gunna, I came from Atlanta
I bet your b***h p***y gon’ need an umbrella,
Marc Jacob Jacket, this expensive leather
It’s so many percs got me floatin’ like a feather
.. right hand on leather
.. like I be getting better
And that Goyard, ’bout to fill it with cheddar (Racks)
I don’t want talk, b***h, don’t give me no lecture
B***h, I’m a boss and you know I can’t let her

[Chorus: Gunna]
I can only do it for a profit
Only hit the bank for deposit (Oh)
Racks and designer my wallet (Oh)
Some bad bitches waiting in the lobby (Lobby)
Taking off on these lames like a rocket (Like a rocket)
Cash and the Thang is a hobby (Than is a hobby)
Valentino all over my body (My body)

[Verse 2: Lil Uzi Vert]
Like ooh, don’t wanna talk, ooh
Lil’ b***h just give me them draws (Hello)
Told her I don’t want a star, ooh
Now lick the tip and lick the balls, ooh
In front of your friends, I said pause, ooh (Yeah, ho)
In front of your b***h I said uh, vroom (Ayy)
Gunna and I back to back with the drops
So many diamonds, I flooded the rocks (Skrrt)
Gucci my sweater and Gucci my socks (Socks)
The guap, it won’t stop, Maison my flip flop
Boy, you need to stop, you wifin’ that thot
Your b***h play hop scotch, your whip my whole squad
Got boys on the block that whippin’ the pot
Don’t wanna talk money, I get that a lot
That b***h that you with, boy, I hit that a lot (Yeah)
She got a lick that gone stick to the car
Ooh, ooh, put it in her spine
Ooh, suck it up, make her go blind
Ooh, ooh, smokin’ on pack
Ooh, my lil b***h so fine
Ooh, ooh, favorite color lime
Oops, my bad, favorite color slime (Slatt)
Had to let go of my bad b***h, yeah
But I still never dropped the dimes (Slatt)
Had to downgrade to a nine (Ooh)
My new b***h on a 30
Shot a f**k n***a then act like I’m blind
Dumb mad n***a get ..
Dumbass n***a better not cross the line
Pull up with my niggas and none of them kind
Pull up with your niggas and none of them ride
Pull up that SLS, doors suicide
Ride in my Hellcat ..
Paramore rockstar, let’s have a riot
Nowadays I’m the man, I try to fight it
Ain’t touch her, she wet, man, that girl too excited
She gave me top, the cum made me silent
She gave me brain, turn me to a psychic
Lil Uzi, yeah

[Chorus: Gunna]
I can only do it for a profit (Yeah)
Only hit the bank for deposit (Oh)
Racks and designer my wallet (Yeah)
Some bad bitches waitin’ in the lobby
Takin’ off on these lames like a rocket
Cash and the thang is a hobby
Valentino all over my body

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