Vibes – Blueface lyrics

Lyrics Vibes – Blueface

Vibes lyrics
Blueface baby yeah aight
Wait hold on shh you hear that?
Shut up turn it up where they at?
Vibes (Yeah) vibeees (Woah) vibeees
Vibes (Yeah) vibeees (Woah) vibeees

[Verse 1]
I only like vibeees that come with a vibe
Tired of my main she tired of my side
Rather work nine-to-five then to get nine to five
Strippin’ at eighteen you ain’t even tried (Why?)
Niggas send subs instead of subscribe
D**k in her mouth she swallow my pride
She came with the girls I came with the guys
Ha-ha it’s nothin’ but

Vibe (x12)

[Verse 2]
Marble floors blue couches (Vibe)
One hit wonder how I got two houses? (Ha-ha)
Two is a vibe three is crowded
Not me and you but me and two bitches
Ha-ha-ha silly
I’m gettin’ top in the car
She sucked the d**k-hole through the d**k hole
In the Louis drawers but it was gucci
Drive the boat one hand on her coochie
I walk in the bank they happy to see me
Take out a hundred post it on IG ha-ha-ha

Vibe (x12)

[Verse 3]
I put the G in Wagen
Your ho get inside then I get inside (Woo)
Lay the backseats down baby vibeees
Only designer in my design
Don’t pay for no p***y can’t even spend time (What?)
I don’t have to dine to make a b***h whine
They want me dead (Take a number) get in line
Money on my head one in the head
Put ’em to bed (Go to bed)
She suckin’ d**k while it’s dead soft
Couple vibeees in the loft (Loft)
Ha-ha-ha where they at?

Vibe (x12)

Vibes - Blueface
Vibes - Blueface