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Lyrics Victory speech – Randolph

Victory speech lyrics
Uh, I would take a bullet for your brother
But if the trigger’s aiming at you, I’ma pull it
Guess you’re lucky, I promised him, I’d go easy on you
That’s the only reason I’m leaving you still breathing
I’ma skin you still, no doubt
Keep her name out of your mouth (of your mouth)
Lost all respect, hate everything you’re about (you’re about)
Dirty laundry, I’m airing it all out (all out)
Watch ya language, you making ya family proud?
That’s foul, you kiss your mummy with those lips
And your dad too, when he’s done filming your clips (facts)
Who’s the real b***h? Hire a cameraman, you cheap skate
‘Bout to spill the tea, while I’m stuffin’ down this cheesecake
Wait, how dare you speak on my wedding?
When you gettin’ bitches pregnant
And then you f*****g end it
I can’t really comprehend it, thought you had a good upbringing
But I guess you really didn’t, got ’em wrapped around your finger
Look, I know you’re sick of me, so let this track be your obituary
All you see is the b***h in me and think that’s worth your victory
Look in the mirror, see the symmetry between you and me
It’s nothing, that’s why I’m winning comfortably
Acting like your tough as s**t, you ain’t even won a fight
Every time you would get hit, you’d bow down and cry
Sparring at the crib, all we did was dry your eyes
You can’t even write a diss, without faking every line
Too busy begging fan girls for nude pics
Sixteen years old Deji, that’s some mad movements
And when you don’t get any, you get ruthless
This the truth, b***h, please don’t make me prove this
Career ending, I’m recommending you quiet down
Resurrecting your channel, man, where’s my f*****g crown?
You’re a clown, only find it funny when you’re joking (nah, I’m joking, I’m joking)
I’m glad I’m exposing you in the open
You’re hoping they think it’s fake, you ungrateful little snake
This the nail in the coffin, write a will for your estate
I don’t care how much you make
I know you’re rich and you’ve stashed it
But have you ever driven a car and not crashed it?
You said it yourself, you own bare houses
So give your mother a break, and move out then
Jealous of your brother, now that I’m around
Your whole life is literally just his ‘hand-me-down’s
Everything about you is embarrassing
Even your own team threw the towel in
Misogynistic egotistic little prick
Harassing your own fans, tryna get your d**k licked
You actually make me sick, you know that you ain’t s**t
Without big bro, you wouldn’t even exist
And don’t chat s**t ’bout my UNI degree
When you don’t even have one GCSE
Stole your beat from my producer, refusing to pay his price
No credit for his effort, forget it, the throne’s mine
I escalated this, but you crossed the line
Now I’m closing the book, you ain’t worth my time

I was 16 at the time, he said, oh, facetime me, ring me, I wanna speak to you. So I just aired him, he texts me, like, “Oh, wow, you aired me, safe, have a good life”
Always begging me for nudes. Always askin’, he was like, ehh, “Show me how you’d ride me”. And I’m like, “No, I don’t want to, like you won’t even send me a picture of your face.” You know, uh, it’s a two-way street

I’m sick of ’em thinking they better, ’cause they can rap quick on the record
They light as a feather, I’m spittin’ that venom
I’m one step ahead of ’em, they got no remedy, when they my enemy
I’m taking over, I’m the devil on their shoulder, way too sick, ebola
I don’t care ’bout the speed, you’re nothin’ to me
Look at ’em gunnin’ for me, you can’t compete with me
I’m a different beast, on the mic I’m a freak
On the beat, I’m a geek, wiping the floor with them easily
This my victory speech (yeah)
New testament, lemme preach (preach)
Wash ’em out with that bleach (bleach)
Anybody wanna get it?
I guarantee you’ll regret it
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Victory speech - Randolph
Victory speech - Randolph