Bazzi - Myself (Lyrics)

Bazzi - Myself (Lyrics)
Myself by Bazzi lyric video
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Lyrics Myself Bazzi
00:00 Music playing
00:02 I think I'm losing my mind
00:07 Trying to stay inside the lines
00:12 It's like I'm running in place
00:16 How you keep staying the same?
00:22 Baby, I, I guess I'm something different
00:26 And I'm okay with that
00:28 I can't fake no more smiles
00:31 That shit gon' drive me mad
00:33 I'm focused on the future
00:38 Oh oh oh
00:41 I'm better by myself
00:46 I'm better by myself
00:51 I don't need no one else
00:56 I'm better by myself
01:03 Don't wanna answer questions
01:05 Just want your company
01:08 It's all good on the surface
01:10 Show me what's underneath
01:12 I'm not concerned with drama
01:15 I left that shit in school
01:18 I'm more concerned with commas
01:20 Than keeping up with you
01:23 Keep that away from me
01:25 I put the Heisman up to bad energy
01:27 No empathy, especially when the kid off Hennessy
01:33 Fake friends to me make my mood go south like Tennessee
01:37 Make the fool come out like, "Who is he?"
01:42 I'm better by myself
01:47 I'm better by myself
01:52 I don't need no one else
01:57 I'm better by myself
02:04 Self
02:07 I don't know who to trust
02:09 These days everyone's shady
02:11 Fool me once, I'm on my own
02:14 There is no second time, baby
02:16 That's the shit I don't like
02:19 Please no yes, no maybes
02:24 I'm better by myself
02:29 I'm better by myself
02:33 I don't need no one else
02:38 I'm better by myself
02:42 Myself

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