More Than Welcome (Official Lyric Video)

From the 2019 Nothing To Fear album.
Written by Aaron Shust, Krissy Nordhoff, and Mike Grayson.
Audio Produced by Nathan Nockels
Filmed and Edited by Yaakov Schwarz on the shores of Haifa, Israel.

I began to write this song shortly after my extended partnership with a record label came to a surprise end. It felt like rejection and my ego was bruised. The story of brave Queen Esther being accepted into the presence of the king of Persia resonated with the truth of our confident acceptance into the presence of the King of the Universe because of our adoption into the family of God: thanks to Jesus. (Hebrews 4:16) "Because our Father, He is our King, we are accepted, we are MORE THAN WELCOME here."

The deep love of Jesus is vast and wild and free LIKE AN OCEAN over me. I knew we needed to have images of the ocean, or the Mediterranean Sea in this case! The direction of the waves reminds me of my desire to leave the shore and venture out into the deepest regions of the great, deep, unfathomable love of God!
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