What if – UBI lyrics

Lyrics What if – UBI

What if lyrics
What if I was tripping?
But what if I was right along?

I am the nonchalant commandant
Connoisseur of ambiance
Debutant, renaissance man, my schnoz said it wrong
To be remembered long after I’m dead and gone
Chess and never sweat a pawn
Moving on me covert like the Pentagon
I write the better song, all the hypothetics gone
Call it like I saw and see it, maul the mic I’m set upon
We’d all just like to get along, long as there’s a god
A pile of the sodomite in fire, falling like it’s Lebanon
My dollar sign, often ’til I’m balling like my cheddar long
They see what I been selling now
They calling like they read it wrong
Connect the dots, record sales was at a record loss
That’s a f*****g hard pill to swallow, why accept the costs
Who the f**k was left, still qualified to check the boss
I been waiting for this moment all my life, respect the sauce
I am the product of disorganized reckless thoughts
I’m here to ask what the important kind of questions are
What if we got a second Score from Lauryn, Wyclef and Pras?
What if Lee Harvey’s second shot was 4-5 seconds off?
What if the government was really at the people’s beck and call?
What if? What if they make a list of names and try to check us off?

What if? (x4)

What if the biggest stars were paying off the paparazzi?
What if we never dropped the bomb on Hiroshima/Nagasaki?
What if they made a microchip to track us from the human body?
What if? What if I work for the Illuminati?
What if my skin was a lil’ less pale?
Would I see better record sales like Lil Yachty and Swae Lee?
I am what I always been and nobody can change me
But a lot of you oughta pay me a copy and paste fee, look
I ain’t gon’ lie, I thought it was peace
‘Fore I spoke in an open room should’ve copped a release
A dollar tree, billy idle hands, devilish dancing with myself
Only because you a shot at my feet
My product on the street sounded like logic to me
Your suicidal raps sounded like Logic to me
Killer me rhyming over beat is a narcotic to fiend
My Killa City Committee, our squad is supreme
The army, regiment, company, our motto, regime
With a dime in a gene pool and bars outta your league
Indestructible flow, no star power fatigue
Look where we are now, it’s bizarre, how could it be but a
What if we scrambled fighter jets, the planes had never hit the towers?
What if Jupiter ignites and then all the planets get devoured?
What if we make it mandatory, teacher trained to use a pistol?
What if they killed Snowden before he blew the whistle?

What if? (x8)

Security had knocked and shot the Vegas shooter first
What if the crooked cop on Pac and Biggie case pursued the perp?
What if enlightenment was spread and taught like faith is through the church?
What if we’re not the only ones to populate the universe?
What if they made a drug for drug addiction, made you lose the urge?
What if Dwayne was finally paid in full what he was due from Bird?
What if they proved the Earth was flat but some would ifs are too absurd?
What if you only get one shot at life and lose your nerve?
Yo, what ifff?
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What if - UBI
What if - UBI