Whiplash d – Xavier Wulf lyrics

Lyrics Whiplash d – Xavier Wulf

Whiplash d lyrics
I already decided b***h that I don’t need no side kick
Pull up profiling
Pull out pro-style b***h
Every time I see her she look like she ain’t gon’ ever forget
Pull up with a torch lit
These rappers can’t afford s**t
Boy pull off you rented it
We laugh until we finish b***h
H**s getting hip to it
They noticing your flaws and s**t
Pull up to my crib whole pad fully furnished b***h
And I got some extra s**t
Art pieces so articulate
Shawty came through asking how you make the lights like this?
Her niggas roll skimpy spliffs

I roll what all will fit in it
Ice castle magic leave your b***h in here you won’t re-get
All these rappers wack
Don’t care about features only my own s**t
I only own my own s**t and all my s**t owned b***h
Pull up to my section
Watch the smoke replace the air in there
Why he let his girl in here? It’s cool escort her to the rear
Dumped his a*s versuri-lyrics.info
30 minutes later then we duck and dip
Better tuck your b***h before I make her duck and lick
They so sick of me, who?
She so sick of me, who?
She said how dare you fire that L
You ain’t pass that blunt to me
Psych I better not b***h I pass that to my charlatan
I’m smoking on some big blunts of some just for me
Nah I ain’t ever gave no f**k about the other team
You see Hollow Squad The Coffin Fleet guillotine
I pull up doing 100 to whoever like they needed me
You b***h! Who?
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Whiplash d - Xavier Wulf
Whiplash d - Xavier Wulf