Wild one – Dj Kay Slay feat. Rick Ross lyrics

Lyrics Dj Kay Slay – Wild one

In my Yeezy Adidas and I’m still running for fame
A lot of men to recover, a lot of money to gain
Double M in this b*tch, like Troy Ave I’ma bang.(wild one)

Go to war for dinero, you better get on my level.

Lessons learned in life, either you give or you take
She swallowed me on the first, still a hundred at first.

Pat Riley of rap, all my niggas got rings
Or at least a Ferrari, they need police on the scene.

I gave my life, my heart, my soul to you motherf*ckers
How you gonna hate on me?
These sticks, these stones be with my bones
I swear I’ll burn this motherf*cker to the ground
.. to turn your back on me
f*cking with a wild, wild one.

I did it for the streets with my mama in mind
I had s*x with a twin, had the other one crying
Our time is divine, our ..
I ain’t tired of the grind, I’m just tired of you lying
Told my b*tch “I got your back,” tat my name on her spine
Got my hand on her a*s, .. on the gas.

I got a van full of ballers like a soccer dad
I just had to laugh versuri-lyrics.info
1-50 in reverse and I know not to crash
If I roll my own joints, then I’m not gon’ pass
I’m getting more paper, I need to get me more haters.

How you feel? I don’t give a f*ck
I love to tell a b*tch n***a no.

No platinum, think I’m going gold

Grinding, tryna keep it in ..

Got a reputation with the name

Rappers lame, niggas want the fame

Run upon me when you think I am slipping

You would think I’m talking ..
Big b*tch ..

G Shock, tell the time
These blocks over here is mineee.
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