Wild side – Eqric lyrics

Lyrics Wild side – Eqric

Wild side lyrics
Tell me tell me what you like
Show me show me what’s inside
I can make your fantasies come to life
Let me be the energy you need tonight

I know that you’ve been good
Wouldn’t stop you if I could
You’ve shown me something I want
Pulling me in from the start
It’s not like I knew you
I’m just wanting to know you

Taking me taking me higher
You’re taking me higher
Feeling I’m feeling your fever
I’m feeling your fever

Don’t trip boy maybe you will slip boy into the flame desire
If you don’t want to run imma show you some fun
Show me your wild side

Come on baby stay the night
I just want to take a bite
Don’t get emotional I don’t have time for your soul
I’m just wanting your body
Won’t you lay it down on me

Cause I’m thirsty for your love
Yeah I’m craving that physical touch
You know that you’re not going back
So baby lay down and relax
I’m feeling your breathing
It’s like we’re in sync yeah

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