Woah – Blocboy Jb lyrics

Lyrics Woah – Blocboy Jb

Ooh, I just went to
Ha (and I’m in that motherfucker fly)
Yeah (hold up, with the .. gon’ die)
Aye (pull up with the b***h right now)
Mm (she gon’ suck me, pacifier)
Yeah (I don’t even, I don’t even, hold up)
Damn, Denaro.
(Blocboy Jb – WOah)

I got them keys like Alicia (Alicia)
Your b***h on my side just like a beeper (word)
I be fuckin’ on a skeezer (huh)
Aye, b***h, I smoke indica, I don’t do sativa (gas)
F**k on your b***h on the first night I meet her (I meet her)
One thing I hate is to follow the leader (that’s on my momma)
Plenty h**s in the mall, I’m a cheater (yeah)
Rock and roll with your b***h, I’m the Beatles (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Woah. (x16)

I’m lyrical, I load the Glock while I’m eatin’ my cereal
Check out the Gucci and Louis material
You spent your backends at Superior (huh)
That’s what it cost to purchase my interior (yeah)
Ice cold, BlocBoy JB, I’m a light show
Play with me, b***h, I’ma light your (brr)
Load up load up the Glocks, Dracos, and them .40s
Shoot from the line like I’m Jordan (swish)
You you on that line like you snortin’, aye (that blow)
That’s why you feel so important (I know)
So many Glocks, need an endorsement (woah)
Might get the G on my face (space)
Sp-sp-speakin’ of Gs, I’m a Grape (Crip)
Bl-Bl-BlocBoy JB be the great (Crip, Crip)
B***h, I teach lessons, so who is you testin’?
My gun don’t make noise, I call for compression
Soft like ranch dressing, I’m fly like the Jetsons
You went to jail and you made a confession
Ooh, you told (yeah)
Why would you tell on your bros?
We at we at your door like Jehov’
Strap your legs up, tie ’em up like Girbauds (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Woah. (x32)

Ice cold, BlocBoy JB, I’m a light show (light show)
Ice cold, BlocBoy JB, I’m a light show (that’s on my momma)
Ice cold (word), BlocBoy JB, I’m a light show (word, word)
Ice cold (huh), BlocBoy JB, I’m a light show (yeah, yeah, yeah)
B***h, woah, Clay, woahhh.
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Woah - Blocboy Jb
Woah - Blocboy Jb