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Lyrics Woke up – Codeko

Woke up lyrics
Yeah, I was blacked out last night
Woke up, feeling afraid still
Vision on slow motion like I’m living in a matrix still
I poured a drink, I took a shot like that would made me feel
But I don’t know how I made it home, I gotta keep it real
.. party, sneaking in versuri-lyrics.info
Somewhere we ain’t never been, said I never drink again
This gonna’ kill me in the end
Sometimes we gotta party every now and then
And if I had a chance I probably do it all again

Woke up, no shirt, I lost my phone
I don’t know how I made it home
Swore that this time would be the end
But I’m just gonna do it all again (x2)
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Woke up - Codeko
Woke up - Codeko