Wonder – Ahmed Soultan lyrics

Lyrics Wonder – Ahmed Soultan

Wonder lyrics
If you start to say maybe, Then you gonna see the light-
That wonder, I wonder, How’s it gonna be
When it’s crossing your mind, Guess you’re gonna find out
your way, Yes i wonder, If you wonder, You keep telling me
It’s going nowhere, And maybe you’re right, But from where
you stand, Maybe there’s Something stoping your sight and i
Sometimes I wonder if we would let our minds wander
Would it give us the strength we need to shine stronger?
Without struggle progress can’t happen
But you can’t reach a destiny your mind can’t fathom
Every atom in your body must, pressure doubt til it’s
It seems that we fear the most when we are on the cusp
But if we just let it happen instead of second guessing
We’d see what we think we need it is in our possession
Some times I wonder if the biggest of blunders that we are
Is that we ain’t eaten food in a whole and so confuse it
with hunger
True hunger is the wonder itself
With no appreciation there is no abundance of wealth
It ain’t the destination it is the journey so coma and walk
with me
But I know where I am going so better walk quickly
And no doubters are allowed on the road

Cos we are following wonder to wherever it goes so let’s go

We may not get the answer to every question asked
But if we don’t start conversations then we ain’t got a
So cease the time, grab the bull by the horns
Make the most of the moment from the moment your born
Because, where do we go now?
What do we do to make it we don’t know how?
Never to slow down is the only way that we control ours
But no doubters are allowed on the road
Cos we are following wonder to wherever it goes so let’s go
Pretend that you’re loving what you living – Like i don’t
know what you’re feeling
You wanna stand there by the stars and – You make a move and
then you’re freezing
You’re looking back again, nothing’s gonna happen then –
Think about it it’s time for believing
I’m not available, if you’re playing cynical
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Moroccan Trans(vx Ahmed & Akala)
Lyoum b’nia 9elbi daba kay dwi (It’s from my heart that i
speak) Tri9 bent liya, lyoum ana matlit m’jli (I’m not lost
anymore, i know where is the way)
In Amazigh
Oufigh Oufigh Agharass, oufigh oufigh arass inou (I’ve
finally found my way)
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Wonder - Ahmed Soultan
Wonder - Ahmed Soultan