WWYS – Hott Headzz lyrics

Lyrics WWYS – Hott Headzz

WWYS lyrics
These niggas is p***y
These bitches is snakes
Talking that s**t don’t say s**t to my face
I heard you was capping, boy watch what you say, oo (Shhh)
Watch what you say
You can get smoked like you left in a tray
Your b***h an eater, I gave her a taste
My fit is gucci, I’m covered in snakes, oo (Aye, yeah)
I grab a tech – like a college party
Bitches upset – but this is not Maury
I don’t play games – don’t f**k with Atari, aye
My b***h a doll like a Barbie
My b***h a Barbie, she got a bag
Gotta be rich just to copy my swag
Walk in the mall and I’m popping them tags
Forgiatos and I’m punching the gas
Pot like a set
Heard that you flex
You do not flex when I come around
That boy get to tweaking, it’s going down
Like tornadoes, you hearing the warning sound
6 bad bitches, I do not think you can’t handle
You just talk s**t on the internet
B***h I be lit like some candle wax, aye

B***h I do ball, I just feel like a ref
Hunnids is blue, like they holding they breath
Get that s**t off, like some s**t on my chest
These bitches wet, I’m like watch where you step
B***h, I spent ’bout 30, this necklace
Empty that clip, ’til he’s breathless
My pockets bigger than Texas
I mark you b***h off my checklist
Pull up with the beam
That b***h is mean
My b***h is bad and she dope like a fiend
Bro got a scope and he peeping the scene
B***h, I be dope and I move with the team
I’m ridin’ round in this coupe, oo
Look at these diamonds they blue, oo
Gorillas they shot at the zoo
Wwys and you do
Hott Headzz lyrics
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WWYS - Hott Headzz
WWYS - Hott Headzz