Xo freestyle – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Xo freestyle

Shorty said she miss me but she lie, but she lie
Something about me leaving made her cry, made her cry
She don’t want another n***a in her life, in her life, yeah I can’t believe it yeah, I can’t believe it no
Baby imma tell you when we wrong, when we wrong
When I was sleeping you was going through my phone, through my phone
I was creeping yeah I couldn’t leave her alone, leave her alone, yeah
Even moved lil shorty in my home, in my home Yeah,
and she played it cool and kept it smooth, kept it smooth, yeah
Instagram the only way you knew, way you knew I ain’t playing with you i’m just being true,
yeah It’s a million niggas doing what I do, doing what I do versuri-lyrics.info
But a million niggas wouldn’t tell the truth, tell the truth
Kept the jig but I guess it didn’t work, didn’t work, yeah
Loyality the only thing that hurt thing that hurt, yeah I can’t believe it yeah, I can’t believe it nooo.(xo)
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