Yeah yeah – Gucci Mane feat. Yung Mal lyrics

Lyrics Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Yeah yeah – Gucci Mane

Aye, Southside ..
Guwop (Gucci)
Eskimo s**t, homie
Evil Genius, Wop
It’s Gucci
Shoutout my partner Rozay
Eskimo s**t, n***a
What, n***a, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

Give ‘em hell
Got lil baby from the Chi, she be Chanel
.. flow, I swear she rock them solid tips (brr brr)
Said she f**k with Z Money, he signed his self (Z Money, it’s Guwop)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh well
They call me Guwop, I got so much clientele (skr skr)
Fresh as hell, in East Atlanta, I’m the mayor (EA)
I signed Pablo, he told me, “Go get Mal and Quill” (Blo, Mal)
‘Cause we so trill (Quill, Wop)
Yeah, f**k 12, I’m a Eskimo myself (brr brr)
Can’t sign no snitch a*s n***a, that would hurt my rep (no)
Found out he p***y, told him keep the cash and dip.

Yeah yeah. (x15)

Real niggas only, y’all niggas, y’all some h**s
Yeah, n***a, we froze, yeah, n***a, we Eskimos (1017 s**t)
Yeah, they didn’t know that we used to be poor
Yeah, drippin’ designer, ooh, from my head to my toe
F**k on your ho, go get the dough (go get it)
Then I go get me some mo’ (I need it)
Used to trap dope at the stove (I used to)
Ooh, whippin’ the dope
Yeah, Dolce Gabana peacoat (dingy)
I’m ballin’ like Gucci the coach (I’m ballin’)
Step on these niggas, you just a lil roach (lil roach)
Yeah, rich n***a like Lil Boat (rich n***a)
Water on my neck the coast (water)
Look in my eyes and they say don’t approach (look at me, n***a)
Cookin’ the chickens on the pot like roasts (boom)
All my hundreds blue just like my Locs (blue hundreds)
All my bitches bad, they do the most (she bad)
I be poppin’ tags to jump in the Ghost
Gotta watch your swag, they takin’ down notes
Swear bitches like the jewellery, make ‘em vote.

Yeah yeah. (x15)

Iceberg, yeah
I see you hang from over here
Hatin’ n***a, that chopper hit your a*s from over here
All these h**s on my d**k ‘cause I signed me a deal
Better sign to Big Wop if you want you a mil’
Bust down on my left wrist, I should’ve bought a crib (ice)
The pack just touched down, that’s a football field
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hell yeah
Pocket full of crip blue hundreds, need a wheelchair
We ain’t had s**t, we were waitin’ on some welfare
Now we up, b***h, we got racks tucked everywhere
Wifey made it, diamonds crystal clear, yeah
Got so much cash, this s**t not fair
I fucked the b***h once, but I ain’t bought no hair
We can take a trip, might fly on the ..
Hop out the b***h and I’m fresh in Moncler
Yeah, ride with the stick on the front door
Yeah, 75 on my neck and I ain’t near done yet
Try to reach for my s**t, wouldn’t dare
Can’t show no love to no n***a, wouldn’t dare
All the bullshit goin’ in and out one ear
They broke, I don’t care.

Yeah yeah. (x15)
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Yeah yeah - Gucci Mane
Yeah yeah - Gucci Mane