You re it – Spazzy D lyrics

Lyrics You re it – Spazzy D

You re it lyrics
Tell me, Who’s it? Who’s next? Who’s killing it?
Tell me, Who’s lit? Who flex? Who’s really with
Lyrical warfare get as silly as silly get
Get a grip silly and listen because I really spit
And I really get sick and tired of hearing em’
Uninspired, I know they liars
And know they got fear in em’
Undesired, the people cappin
The people thats cheering em’
I was hired to be the captain
The person thats steering em’
I was 17 with a 16 and a 32
Not a 38, 21
Why they actin’ new? Idk?
I ain’t got beef with the guy
If you can’t eat with em’
Got to feast on the guy
I’m a midwest beast
I’m deceased when you lie
‘Bout the reason you increased
Is it real? Did you buy?

Tell us at the very least ’bout your skill, do you try?
When you rap, Do you trap? Do you cap? Do or die
Now let me tell you how I come through
With some lyrical bullets bringing a drum through
Got it singing and y’all the people it sung to
Cordae, you only the hardest out of your young crew
But I’m young too; scratch that younger than you
Your tongue fat but I got a different hunger than you
I hung back I was waiting I was under a few
‘Til I finally swung back, now I’m coming for you
But I call it a love tap

I love rap, I love the city, I love nap
It wasn’t pretty I did it without assistance
I got em giddy, forgetting ’bout your existence
This ain’t a diss, this is distance
Like I never needed a massive deal
Ezzy needed some help with his mass appeal
Doing it for myself and Im massive still
Like I’m a mastiff
I’m on a path to kill

The hottest in my class so you have to chill
You do the math, subtract the trash add the real
Its really sad a lot of lyricists have the skill but want a bag
So they can take a flick and then post a pic of the tag
Hoping to get a chick or a double click or a brag
You looking like a lick to somebody who never had
You looking like a lick but you lyrically looking’ bad
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You re it - Spazzy D
You re it - Spazzy D