Zorbas – Cash Kidd lyrics

Lyrics Zorbas – Cash Kidd

Told the plug where you at?
Meet me at Zorbas (Where you at?)
See the strap pokin’ on stage while i’m performin’ (Aduhh)
Makin it rain, blowin trees like it’s stormin’
The h**s ain’t s**t, but in my family i’m important (Ayye, f**k ..)
Ayye, Don’t push me, i’m close to the edge like Florida
Put yo b***h a*s to sleep like it’s borin’ (B***h)
They left when i was on the bench, now i’m scorin (Ayee, swishhhh)
Bust on her titties, that’s a chest nut like Morris, look (haaaaa)
First i got a back massage, then a d**k massage (Trust)
She gone let me f**k whenever, this b***h dickmatized (Dickmatized)
Nate got a fake ID on him at Enterprise
Coulda used cash, but we addicted to these slides (Yea, i’m sayin)
Fed that b***h another perky, now she energized (..)
I ain’t givin niggas daps, wouldn’t give em five
In the Uber, strapped up, this a Escalade (My man)
Courtesy of that punch i bought yesterday (Ayye, come here)
Ayye, big clip on me, we can still catch the fade n***a (Praa praa praa)
Missed him, wacked his mans we need better aim (Haaaa)
Pillow talkin to these h**s? You forever lame (Lame)
If you gone f**k the b***h then do that without sayin my name (She easy)
Dawg i wish it would rain, i feel like Eddie Kane
Cause i paid too much for this fit, somebody gotta see me (Got to)

Niggas tryna be me
Show my a*s, but i’m not Rikishi
Niggas tryna leave me
I ain’t going, b***h my momma need me
Yea Texas Trans with Jimmy, watching Sports Center
Take me back when i was young, it was a sports n***a
G-Money, they couldn’t f**k with us on that court n***a
Even back then, we was off the porch n***a
Bro still selling reggies to the old niggas
Ayye, hit the mall, go dumb like a slow n***a
P.O said if i get caught, one more Glock, it’s bad
But i can’t get inside no whip if i can’t ride with Mac
Had to cut lil baby off, she wasn’t bout her cash
Yeah, killed her with success, ain’t even block her a*s
Gettin neck on McNichols, damn near bout to crash
Messy b***h think she slick, almost forgot her lash
H**s all in my face like a hockey mask, ayye
But i’m runnin’ to that money, sorry gotta blast
Pieces hitin, just punched for a belt like karate class
B***h i’m tryna punch a Cuban, like Rocky Badd
I done try to quit the fraud, but i got it bad
Tried to leave the road alone, and just try to rap
But every time i get focused, i think about the past
F**k that, need mo’ chicken incase this job don’t last, n***a
Ayye facts, niggas know i open doors like in the drive thru
When yo window broke
5k, on a game, Playin nintendo 64′
Mario, kart race, shells in yo’ vehicle
Catch niggas, out in traffic
His condition critical
No guns in my videos
But these niggas really know
Ayye, just cuz you tougher then ’em, that don’t mean you stronger than em
Don’t mean you smarter than that n***a, cuz you older than ’em
Ayye, just for hangin wit dawg, now we gotta blow you with ’em
Left her hangin like a firetruck, put holes in niggas.

N***a, yeah
Until this rap s**t popped, i never heard of niggas
Cookie loud like the Catalytic converter missin’
I ride around with that cooler, big warm on niggas
Tryna hit, everybody, like a thirsty n***a
Yeah, b***h i’m racked up, like dirty dishes
F**k around, drop chicken on yo dirty niggas
Put a tag, on yo top, like hershey kisses
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Zorbas - Cash Kidd
Zorbas - Cash Kidd